When we last left Josh Homme and Dean Fertita, they were actively assisting Iggy Pop in the creation and touring of Iggy’s great final (?) album, Post Pop Depression (don’t believe me that it’s great? Listen to “Gardenia” here). And for all that, we were wondering if perhaps such energies might be better expended toward a new Queens Of The Stone Age album. And not that we didn’t appreciate the electricity implanted into new Iggy Pop; we just wanted new Queens of the Stone Age music. Well, as it turns out, we were wrong to be concerned.

Recently, it was announced that a new Queens of the Stone Age album would be forthcoming. Populated with nine brand new songs, a new album would be in our hands before the summer ended. It’s actually been four years since …Like Clockwork, the 2013 masterpiece that delivered five singles and sold quite well with over one million in worldwide sales. That’s quite a feat for a band – any band – these days.

On August 25, Matador Records will release the next album by Queens Of The Stone Age, which is being called Villains. A song from the new album, “The Way You Used To Do”, is currently available as an audio-only YouTube offering (play below).

Villains will be released as a standard CD issue as well as DD, and two variations of vinyl LP. Both vinyl issues will be released in gatefold sleeves with pockets for a lyric sheet. The main difference between the two vinyl packages is a 180g-weight, vinyl-etched Deluxe Edition complete with pockets for fourteen inserts (lyrics, etc).


By MARowe