A Moby album is always cause for excitement. Since his first highly accepted album, Play, which was released back in 1999, and sold in excess of 2.7 million copies in just the US alone, his albums have been mostly charting works. Before Play, he released four albums, and after Play, he issued eight full length sets. Only 18 (2002), Hotel (2005), Last Night (2008), and Wait For Me (2009) charted significantly.

With a refreshed zeal, Moby issued his first titled Void Pacific Choir album, These Systems Are Failing (2016). He plans to follow that album up with his latest set (also titled as a Void Pacific Choir release), More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse.

Planned for June 16, More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse will feature nine new tracks. It’s planned for CD, DD, and a Special Edition Orange vinyl LP, all via Mute Records.

By MARowe