When Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) arrived with “Enola Gay” from their incredible 1980 album, Organisation, more of the world welcomed the band with open arms. This would be especially so as the band gravitated toward a Pop sound that was right for the times, and that never compromised their intended originality. Overall, the McCluskey/Humphreys-led band produced twelve albums including their peak issue, Crush (1985). That album contained “So In Love”, a top-ranked single at the time. Of course, fans of the band would engage in varying degrees of opinions regarding the album and the direction of the band.

OMD released English Electric via BMG early in 2013. On September 1, OMD will release their first album since 2013, their 13th album overall. That may (or may not) be good news for fans of the band, but the fact that the creativity of the band is still in motion, I welcome it. Even better, a song from the new album, which is being called The Punishment Of Luxury, is already in release. The new song is called “La Mitrailleuse” and showcases a band not far removed from their unique music in style (listen below).

The project will also include a DVD with a ‘Making Of…” documentary, and a series of videos that explores the new album, track by track.

The Punishment Of Luxury is being fan-funded via PledgeMusic, and will be issued on White Noise. The new album will be issued on CD, CD/DVD, vinyl LP in black, a limited edition yellow vinyl, and a restricted red vinyl LP for the Super Deluxe Box, a limited run of cassette copies, DD, and the previously mentioned Super Deluxe edition, which will also contain a 24-page 12″ x 12″ hardbound book (and more).

You can get more details here.


By MARowe