Much of Dan Fogelberg’s releases have come to us via Epic Records (or Full Moon, a subsidiary of Epic). And, of course, everyone will have their all-time favorite Dan Fogelberg album. (Mine’s Nether Lands). His last album was Love In Time, released posthumously in 2009 (Fogelberg died in 2007.) If you want the last released during his life, it was Full Circle, issued in 2003. Regardless, he is – and will always be – greatly missed.

On May 12, estate label, Nether Lands Records, will release an exclusive CD release of Live At Carnegie Hall. It is from a show in 1979, when Dan Fogelberg was at his prime. The recorded show was discovered by Jean Fogelberg on a DAT tape. It was a show that had been recorded without the knowledge of Dan Fogelberg to avoid unnecessary jitters during the show. The DAT was discovered during a sorting of photos and tapes. The discovered tracks were eventually mastered by Bob Ludwig, and subsequently turned down by Legacy Recordings for release. Thankfully, Jean Fogelberg insisted that this recording should be released to fans. And with that, Live At Carnegie Hall is soon – very soon – to be in our hands.

Live At Carnegie Hall will contain 26 live performance tracks from this April 17, 1979 show (see tracklist below). With a professional cover, first class mastering, and availability, Live At Carnegie Hall should be a revelatory  experience for many Dan Fogelberg fans.

Live At Carnegie Hall will be released on CD and DD.

Live At Carnegie Hall – Dan Fogelberg
01 – Nether Lands
02 – Once Upon a Time
03 – Stars
04 – Crow
05 – Old Tennessee
06 – Song From Half Mountain
07 – (Someone’s Been) Telling You Stories
08 – To the Morning
09 – Guitar Etude #3
10 – Sketches Summer
11 – Sketches Winter
12- Next Time
13 – Manana Carnival
14 – Lahaina Luna
15 – Moon Over Paris
16 – The Chauvanist Song
17 – Full Moon Mansion
18 – Beggar’s Game
19 – Same Old Lang Syne
20 – All Night Long
21 – Morning Sky
22 – Souvenirs
23 – Illinois
24 – Part of the Plan

25 – There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler
26 – Along the Road

[NOTE]: The CDs were received from the manufacturers with visible defects. As a result, the CDs are being redone and are expected to be completed within four weeks of the official release date. If you are already aware of this release and had pre-ordered, it is advised that you cancel the order so that you can get a fresh and perfect copy. As it is, the CD cover has two notable dents. However, if you opt to stay with your pre-order, the music inside remains the same. It’s only a cover defect that will be issued on May 12.



By MARowe