Alice Cooper is a unique part of Rock and Roll. When the original five recorded machine gun style, they recorded some fine material. Not counting their first two, starting with Love It to Death (1971) Killer (1971)  School’s Out (1972) to Billion Dollar Babies (1973), and then closing out with Muscle of Love (1973), a period of only two and a half years passed. To me, that’s some high level of creativity. From there, some normalcy occurred in recording periods with more than a year’s space between them. For me, I still adore all of the albums from the original band. From the solo years, I have a give and take attitude. When Alice Cooper reunited with the remaining members, I was as excited as I could be. When the rumors circulated that the original band would record together, well…!


On July 28, Alice Cooper will release his newest solo effort with a surprise packaging inclusion. The new album is a 12-track original to be called Paranormal. It is being released in a 2CD digipak, the expected DD, and a limited edition 2LP package. The 2CD digipak is one CD for the solo work, and the bonus CD will include three new songs written and recorded with the original band (Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway. Glen Buxton died in 1997). Other tracks planned for the bonus CD will be selected live tracks.

Who’s excited?


By MARowe