Rogers Waters of Pink Floyd is an astute observer of our times. Without slipping into political preferences (I have none), and falling prey to inevitable and argumentative differences, I just stand on the overall view that Pink Floyd said much about the make up of humankind and our shared disturbances. As such, I pay more attention to a Roger Waters composition than I might another songwriter.

It’s been almost 25 years since Roger Waters has released a solo album. That was his Amused to Death look at our need for distractions, viewing them as a major factor in the deconstruction of humankind. That will change with the promised upcoming release of his latest album, Is This The Life We Really Want? This is a long-thought out concept album that looks at humankind a bit like Animals did. It conceptually looks at the governed as a mass led astray and abandoned for the wants and needs of the few that hold all the power and cash-flow.

Whatever politics/world view/philosophical outlook you subscribe to, Roger Waters has lyrically explored them. With his latest, there’s no doubt it will be as provocative as anything he has done before. The word is that the content of the album features songs written during his Pink Floyd days, and some from his Amused To Death set. The rest is new. The only  (small) regret is that it won’t be titled a Pink Floyd album!

Is This The Life You Really Want? is on the calendar for release on May 19.


By MARowe