In the late ’60s, just as progressive Rock was laying hold of me beyond the Top 40 list (that I enjoyed on WLS and WCFL AM radio in Chicago), I listened intently for hours on strange FM bands for bands like extended Yes, and others. One band that struck my interest was Quintessence. This band was a strange blend of Folk, Jazz, and Rock that reminded me of bands, It’s A Beautiful Day, and Renaissance, whom I had already discovered and enjoyed.

Quintessence was not long in the world from a recording standpoint. Their only recorded output were three albums with Island Records (which, at the time was a risk-taking label, and two with RCA.

On April 28, Esoteric Recordings will release a 2CD set, Move Into The Light – The Complete Island Recordings 1969-1971. This set will feature 28 tracks including live selections, and a single edit of “Notting Hill Gate”, a song from their 1969 Island debut, In Blissful Company. The songs will be newly remastered, and the booklet should be informative, and filled with photos, and new notes, including interviews with Phil Jones, and Dave Codling.

Quintessence’s music is mesmerizing and pretty timeless. Their lyrics are spiritual in nature but they make it all work perfectly. I’m looking forward to this new set.

Move Into The Light – The Complete Island Recordings 1969-1971 – Quintessence

01. Giants
02. Maco Capac
03. Body
04. Ganga Mai
05. Chant
06. Pearl and Bird
07. Notting Hill Gate
08. Midnight Mode
09. Move Into The Light
10. Notting Hill Gate (Single Edit)
11. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Guaranga
12. Sea of Immortality
13. High on Mount Kailash (Excerpt from Opera)
14. Burning Bush (Live)
15. Shiva’s Chant

01. Prisms
02. Twilight Zones
03. Maha Mantra
04. Only Love
05. St. Pancras (Live)
06. Infinitum
07. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Guaranga (Live)
08. Dive Deep
09. Dance For The One
10. Brahman
11. The Seer
12. Epitaph For Tomorrow
13. Sri Ram Chant


By MARowe