Pink Floyd is a defining fixture in the annals of Rock and Roll. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a history without Pink Floyd in it. For me, there’s rarely a week that goes by without Pink Floyd in it somewhere. There’s always a nearby, easy to reach album for me to listen to. (This week, it’s Animals!) Recently, released info announces several Pink Floyd titles being re-released. Two of them are being reissued as vinyl LP, while a third is getting a 2CD Deluxe Edition Guthrie remaster (or so it appears). NOTE: the info is sketchy but I’m posting just to let you know that the title is, in fact, being re-released as stated.

On January 20, Legacy will re-release Pulse. There’s nothing more than the original 24 performance tracks as found on the original. I’m not even sure if the re-release will feature the flashing red LED light within the package. But, if this is a new remaster of the 1995 live set, then that’s pretty cool.

In addition, Legacy will release two Pink Floyd classics on vinyl LP. Those will be The Final Cut (1983), and A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987). Both have been remastered for this release date of January 20.

The fact that the LP titles are newly remastered, and they’re being released on January 20 lends a little credence to the Pulse re-release as a newly remastered title, yet on CD. But we’ll see soon enough,


By MARowe