The beauty of specialized labels with plenty of funding is that can count on getting quality reissues of albums that you were aware of, but not many others. With an umbrella label like Cherry Red UK, we seem to do pretty well with getting some good stuff. Like albums from The Move. Cherry Red has been busy with newly remastered and expanded editions of music from The Move catalog. Having finished those, it’s nice to see it capped with a 2disc ‘best of’, Magnetic Waves Of Sound. This set was announced a few months ago.

Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move will be released on January 27.  It will offer 21 tracks total from the band’s four albums, including their UK hit singles. The included DVD will feature 21 telly appearances on the BBC and selected German shows, as well as a promo clip, all between 1967 and 1970 before he dissolution of the band.

The set will add in a booklet with photos, an essay by Mark Paytress (MOJO magazine), and a poster. The entire set is contained within a tastefully designed digipak case.


By MARowe