Johnny Mathis has enjoyed decades of relevancy as a recording artist. Even some immensely popular bands from the glory years of ’70s Rock n Roll can’t say the same. But Johnny Mathis possessed a voice that has been able to speak to many ages. Not to mention that label and artist loyalty is at its zenith with Columbia Records and Johnny Mathis. With all of that, it’s no surprise to see Legacy Recordings plan essential releases from the artist’s expansive catalog, all with the oversight of the artist. All of the upcoming releases (to be announced throughout 2017) will be newly remastered. All this is in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Johnny Mathis’ affiliation with Columbia Records.

This planned long celebration was kicked off with the previously released 4CD set, Johnny Mathis: The Singles. Watch for Johnny Mathis (1956) as a first-fruit reissue in the planning.

Johnny Mathis has a tour schedule online at his official site.


By MARowe