pixies-doolittle-bdaudioFans of Pixies, the Black Francis (Frank Black)-fronted band that ended its run in 1993 but eventually reformed, should be pleased with the music the original band left behind. One of those classics is 1989 4AD set, Doolittle. Doolittle is the band’s second album, and is considered one of the greatest albums of all time within the framework of Rock and Roll. It’s even included in the arguable Rolling Stone magazine list of 500 of Rock’s Greatest Albums.

It’s nice to discover that 4AD will reissue Doolittle as a Blu-ray Audio album, a move that will provide it with the best sound the album will boast of for some time (before newer technology performs better).

On December 16, 4AD will release the BD-Audio set of Doolittle that will provide not only the Mobile Fidelity-created Stereo mix, but also a new 5.1 Surround Sound 96kHz/24-bit remix.

Makes for a nice Christmas gift!


By MARowe