I first came into contact with Vangelis via his band, Aphrodite’s Child and their last album, 666. Familiarity brought me over to the Vangelis solo side, but not until Albedo 0.39, which was released in 1976. That’s a small three year gap but in terms of albums released, that was a massive gap. Still, I’m glad to have made the journey. Especially given the classics that he would make years later with Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, and a string of great solo efforts that were not soundtracks. And we can’t forget that blend of talent with Jon Anderson. I still listen to many of those collaborative tunes today.

On February 3, a 13-disc Box will arrive that is firmly interested in Vangelis’ music from his Vertigo years (that began with Earth), and his years with Polydor that provided Chariots of Fire. All of the Vangelis albums from those labels have been newly remastered under the watchful eyes – and ears – of the master himself. The box is being called Delectus – The Polydor & Vertigo Recordings 1973-1985.


The included albums are Earth (1973), L’Apocalypse des animaux (1973), Opéra sauvage (1979), China (1979),  See You Later (1980), Chariots of Fire (1981), Antarctica (1983), Soil Festivities (1984), Mask (1985), Invisible Connections (1985) along with his Jon & Vangelis collaborations, Short Stories (1980), The Friends of Mr. Cairo (1981) and Private Collection (1983). This box will include a collection of previously unreleased tracks, and inaccessible B-sides.

A massive and expressive book will be included with the Box.


By MARowe