reflection-brian-enoThe last album from Brian Eno was The Ship, released earlier in 2016. It featured vocals and was an extraordinary album that many of us fans knew he was capable of. However, vocalized albums, or musically ambient, Brian Eno’s body of work is always mesmerizing. To date, we have over 25 solo sets that include Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), Discreet Music (1975), Music For Airports (Ambient 1) (1978), Thursday Afternoon(1985), and the previously mentioned The Ship (2016). That doesn’t even incllude his list of brilliant collaborative sets that add in classics like No Pussyfooting (with Robert Fripp – 1973), High Life (with Karl Hyde – 2014, and not to ever forget My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (with David Byrne – 1981) and their follow-up in Everything That Will Happen Will Happen Today (2008). But Brian Eno is never done.

On January 1, via Warp Records, Brian Eno will release a single track ambient album called Reflection. Eno equates it to his decades ago album, Thursday Afternoon, which also contained a single ambient track. To date, there are no snippets to get a feel of what’s going through his musical mind.

I just feel lucky to to soon be able to immerse within the confines of his imaginative music palate. In this case, Eno says that the sounds are making themselves, after which he becomes the proprietor of their mix. He refers to this next step in his musical evolution as “generative”. He has also hinted that the captured by recording sounds were mixed in various ways, or generations of mixes, one making way for a better one until he arrived at the most satisfying mix to be presented in Reflection.

Reflection will be delivered on CD, and vinyl LP.


By MARowe