He knew it.

When Mr Cohen posted that he was ready for death, he knew it. Then came the retraction. It was for our sake, no doubt, that retraction. And it worked. But as the news begins to fan out that Leonard Cohen has passed from our plane of existence, the sadness that will inevitably follow will be huge.

Leonard Cohen has spent a lifetime providing the poetic lyrics to his songs. Spread out over fourteen studio albums, there wasn’t one bad song in the lot. But he left behind more than just songs. He left behind a look into ourselves.

Personally, I don’t care what took his life. Old age, disease, whatever. He had already reached a point of immortality with me anyway. But to know that we’ve seen his physical end, well, that’s a little hard to take.

At this point, all that can be said is thank-you, Leonard. Thanks for the songs. The words. The shows. Thanks for giving you to us. We will always treasure that.

Kinda forever!


By MARowe