alison-moyet-alf-2cdAlison Moyet lit the synth-pop world up with her extraordinary 1984 album, Alf. With her strong voice, she once helped Yazoo to achieve a rich connection with the dance-oriented synth audience. After Yazoo gave up the ghost after just a few albums. But as she refused to just lay back, she began a solo career that provided her the right platform to gain her own audience. In 1984, she released her solo debut, Alf. It immediately propelled her to stardom in the UK generating three hit singles. Over the course of her career, she delivered eight solo albums. Her follow-up to Alf, Raindancing, also soared high on the charts and provided her with another multi-platinum album.

On December 2, BMG will reissue Alf as a remastered and expanded 2CD Deluxe Edition. It will add in a CD of bonus tracks that include extended tracks for the dance audience, a form of single that was popular at the time. Other inclusions are remixes, new versions, and two live tracks, fifteen bonus tracks in all. There will also be a DD edition, but no vinyl LP has been mentioned.

The included booklet features photos, a new interview with Alison Moyet, lyrics, notes for each of the album’s original tracks, Alf is a great album from the ’80s! I’m quite excited for this.

Alf – Alison Moyet

CD1 (Original 1985 Album Remastered):
01. Love Resurrection
02. Honey for the Bees
03. For You Only
04. Invisible
05. Steal Me Blind
06. All Cried Out
07. Money Mile
08. Twisting the Knife
09. Where Hides Sleep

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Love Resurrection (U.S. Long Version; 2016 – Remaster)
02. All Cried Out (The Remix; 2016 – Remaster)
03. Invisible (Extended Version; 2016 – Remaster)
04. For You Only (Extended New Version; 2016 – Remaster)
05. Love Resurrection (Love Injected Mix; 2016 – Remaster)
06. Baby I Do (2016 – Remaster)
07. Invisible (Transparent Mix; 2016 – Remaster)
08. Hitch Hike
09. For You Only (New Version)
10. That Ole Devil Called Love (Remastered Version)
11. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (2016 – Remaster)
12. That Ole Devil Called Love (Jazz Version; 2016 – Remaster)
13. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (Extended Version; 2016 – Remaster)
14. Twisting the Knife (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)
15. That Ole Devil Called Love (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)


By MARowe