Jeff Beck Loud HailerJust a little while back, we were told that a new Jeff Beck set was coming. At the time, there wasn’t a track list, a cover, nor a release date. We now have all three in hand. And as (usually) promised, I’m back with the update to give you the news.

The new album is being called Loud Hailer. It follows up his excellent Emotion & Commotion, which was released in 2010. The new album will offer eleven tracks (see list below).

Loud Hailer is designed by the famed guitarist to be a change in his usual offering. He employs a singer and another guitarist to help him ahiee that end.

Loud Hailer will be released on July 15 on CD, DD, and 180g-weight vinyl LP.

Loud Hailer – Jeff Beck

01 – The Revolution Will Be Televised
02 – Live In The Dark
03 – Pull It
04 – Thugs Club
05 – Scared For The Children
06 – Right Now
07 – Shame
08 – Edna
09 – The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives
10 – O.I.L. (Can’t Get Enough Of That Sticky)
11 – Shrine

Jeff Beck has a book coming out this year. It’s being called Beck01, and will contain more than 400 photographs, and is expected to be signed by him.



By MARowe