Punky Meadows Fallen AngelWell, here’s a long-shot discovery for you that will trigger some memory synapses.

Some of you may remember the band, Angel, found on Casablanca Records back in the late 70s into the early ’80s. The band ran through six studio sets including their high-charting third effort, On Earth As It Is In Heaven (1977). That album moved the band along quite nicely due to its hit, “That Magic Touch”. They also released a successful live set, Live Without A Net (1980).

The band was populated by Frank DiMino (vocals), Gregg Giuffria (keyboards), the late Mickie Jones (bass), Jones replacement, Felix Robinson, Barry Brandt (drums), and rock star incarnate, Punky Meadows (guitars). All members went their own ways after the demise of Casablanca Records in 1981.

One of the most enticing members was the glammed out Punky Meadows. His extreme appearance personified the Rock star essence back during the band’s height. After the band dissolved, Punky Meadows went another route eventually opening a tanning salon before completely retiring about ten years ago.

On May 6, Mainman Records will release an all-new Punky Meadows solo album. The album, Fallen Angel, will contain fifteen new songs. On the cover, you can see that Punky Meadows hasn’t strayed too far from his trademark looks. He may not be dressed in all white, but he looks pretty intact.

SO, if you’re an old Angel fan, it might be to your luck to hear how Punky Meadows has evolved musically.


By MARowe