Marissa Nadler StrangersIf you haven’t heard Marissa Nadler, then that’s an oversight that should be remedied. Of course, her 4AD-styled music will not be for everyone, but for those that it IS for, well, she pretty much is fantastic in a melancholy way. And well worth your investigation…of course, unless you’ve heard her already. In that case, you already know just how satisfying she is. If you’re a Nick Cave fan, then you’ll appreciate her music.

Marissa Nadler has been releasing music since 2004. With a series of six commercially released studio albums, and a collection of two self-released EPs (The Sister – 2012, Before July – 2014) and six self-released collections, she is musically rich, and ripe for exploration.

There’s a beautiful and sad hint of Cocteau Twins in her music. It’s not surprising since her releasing label is Bella Union in the UK, run by both Robin Guthrie, and Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins fame. Sacred Bones releases her music in the US.

On May 20, Sacred Bones and Bella Union will release her seventh studio album, Strangers. It will contain eleven tracks including the pre-released single (a gem of a track) “All The Colors Of The Dark”. You can enjoy that video below. Another track from the upcoming album, “Janie In Love” can be heard here.

I have to say that I’m a big fan of her ’60s-styled minimalist cover art for her new album. It stands out quite well. With its dark colors, she maintains the ethereal quality of her music and enhances the display with an intriguing photo shot of her. You can click on the album cover to get a fuller detailed shot (click twice to get full cover).

Marissa Nadler

Strangers will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.


By MARowe