Dave Mason The Columbia Years AnthologyThe real world pedigree of Dave Mason is immense when laid up against the music that he has been involved with as well as his own successful solo releases. With Traffic, he helped set the pace for the sounds of Rock during its embryonic periods. As time progressed, he wrote songs like “Feelin’ Alright” that has taken on a life of its own, and worked with many Rock and Roll luminaries of his time. But it was his solo work that established him solidly with die-hard Mason fans. His Columbia Records years were especially solid.

His entry with Columbia Records is the self-titled gem that went Gold. But it was his Let It Flow album that brought more interest to Mason. With the charting of three singles, (“So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away)”, “We Just Disagree”, “Let It Flow”), Let It Flow (1977) is a great point in the Dave Mason timeline.

Old Crest On A New Wave (1980) finished Dave Mason for Columbia.

On March 11, Real Gone Music will release a 2CD collection called The Columbia Years: The Definitive Anthology that will contain a song list of 30 tracks (see track list below)

01. Misty Morning Stranger (Album Version)
02. Baby…Please (Album Version)
03. The Lonely One (Album Version)
04. Head Keeper (Album Version)
05. It’s Like You Never Left (Album Version)
06. Every Woman (Album Version)
07. All Along the Watchtower
08. You Can’t Take It When You Go
09. Show Me Some Affection
10. Bring It on Home to Me
11. Relation Ships
12. You Can Lose It
13. Split Coconut
14. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
15. Long Lost Friend

01. Feelin’ Alright (Live)
02. Pearly Queen (Live)
03. Take It to the Limit (Live)
04. Sad and Deep as You (Live)
05. Only You Know and I Know (Live)
06. We Just Disagree
07. So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away)
08. Then It’s Alright (Album Version)
09. Seasons (Album Version)
10. Let It Go, Let It Flow (Album Version)
11. Mystic Traveler (Album Version)
12. Don’t It Make You Wonder
13. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
14. Save Me
15. Paralyzed (Album Version)

By MARowe