Uriah Heep The Magician's BirthdaySometimes I come across brand new, right out of the box, information on titles that do not provide any real material to fully describe its entry (or re-entry for reissues). Normally, I just kind of wait it out to see what potential information might leak out. But this is Uriah Heep, we’re talking about.

I don’t claim to love EVERYTHING they did, but it sure was close to it. So anytime some little bit of news comes out with their name attached, I get focused.

On November 6, Sanctuary Records will revisit two classic Uriah Heep titles including my all-time favorite, The Magician’s Birthday (1972). The other title is Demons & Wizards, which was released the same year as The Magician’s Birthday. (Talk about a steady stream of creativity with bands back in the day. More than one would release albums just six months apart from each other.)

Demons & Wizards will be reissued on CD and vinyl LP, as will The Magician’s Birthday. I’m hoping that with the release of the two titles on vinyl LP, that there will be a new remaster OTHER than the 2003 Expanded Editions.

If this turns out to be more special than just mere vinyl LP opportunities, then I will update as more info comes out. Otherwise, hope for the best!

Uriah Heep - Demons Wizards

By MARowe