Fans of Phil Collins should be immensely happy as the expected reissues of his solo works have just begun.

On November 6, the first two getting the shine will be Face Value (1981), and Both Sides (1993). After signing a new label deal for catalog rights, it was expected that the solo albums would be celebrated with a fresh remaster and bonus materials. That time has arrived.

The CD packages will all be 2CD Deluxe Editions. In addition to the CD sets, there will be DD, and 180g vinyl LP sets. Everyone gets in on the fun!

For Face Value, there will, of course, be the original album. The second CD will contain a handful of live tracks (“Misunderstanding”, “If Leaving Me is Easy”, “In the Air Tonight”, “Behind the Lines”, “The Roof is Leaking”, “Hand in Hand”, “I Missed Again”, “…And So to F”), and four demo selections (“This Must Be Love”, “Please Don’t Ask”,  “Misunderstanding”, “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”).

Face Value - Phil Collins

On Both Sides, the first CD represents the original album while the second CD offers five live tracks (“Both Sides Of The Story”, “Can’t Turn Back The Years”, “Survivors”, “Everyday”, “We Wait And We Wonder”), one demo with “We Can’t Find Our Way”, a bonus track from A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield (“I’ve Been Trying”), and two UK B-sides (“Both Sides Of The Story”, “Hero”).

Both Sides - Phil Collins

By MARowe