ThunderbitchIn less than four months after the release of their new album, Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes has pulled a complete surprise.

Sound & Color, the sophomore issue from Alabama Shakes is a successful launch. Where many bands find difficulty and challenge, Alabama Shakes had complete faith in their musical vision to craft a wonderfully accepted album. But, it appears that Brittany needs to do things more than just Alabama Shakes.

Recently, an album by Thunderbitch, dropped. And to many people, they were surprised to find that Thunderbitch is actually Brittany Howard doing her own thing.

So, head over to the website, Thundabetch, and stream the whole Thunderbitch album to your heart’s content. Yes, the music is pretty good. What do you expect? It’s Brittany, who should be remembered as one of Rock’s great vocalist in time. (Given the Hall of Fame’s glacial pace at even recognizing the obvious, it may never happen!)

While there, you can purchase Thunderbitch in DD form off iTunes, or get a vinyl edition for only $15!

Brittany Howard

By MARowe