Julian Cope was once an essential part of The Teardrop Explodes, a UK band of worth in the post-punk era of Rock and Roll during the late ’70s, early ’80s. After the band’s short-lived cycle, Julian Cope went on to make many note-worthy solo albums beginning with World Shut Your Mouth (1984), followed by¬†Fried (1984).

On August 14, Caroline Records will reissue the first two in the Julian Cope library. Both World Shut Your Mouth, and Fried, are considered among the artist’s best releases. For this set of reissues, Caroline Records will provide 2CD sets with B-sides, BBC radio sessions, and more. Each set will be refreshed with new liner notes and photos from the period, along with a wealth of other important material.

These are UK exclusive releases. We hope that the US will follow up with domestic release other than making us rely on imported titles.

Full tracklist information is found below:

Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth

World Shut Your Mouth – Julian Cope
01. Bandy’s First Jump
02. Metranil Vavin
03. Strasbourg
04. An Elegant Chaos
05. Quizmaster
06. Kolly Kibber’s Birthday
07. Sunshine Playroom
08. Head Hang Low
09. Pussyface
10. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
11. Lunatic And Fire – Pistol

01. Wreck My Car
02. High Class Butcher
03. Eat The Poor
04. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
05. 24a Velocity Crescent
06. Pussyface
07. Head Hang Low
08. Lunatic And Fire – Pistol
09. High Class Butcher
10. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love
11. Reynard The Fox
12. King Of Chaos
13. Laughing Boy

Julian Cope Fried

Fried – Julian Cope

01. Reynard The Fox
02. Bill Drummond Said
03. Laughing Boy
04. Me Singing
05. Sunspots
06. The Bloody Assizes
07. Search Party
08. King Of Chaos
09. Holy Love
10. Torpedo


01. Land Of Fear
02. Christmas Morning
03. Disaster
04. Mic Mak Mok
05. Pulsar
06. Sunspots
07. Me Singing
08. Search Party
09. Crazy Farm Animal
10. I Went On A Chourney
11. Hobby

By MARowe