Mac DeMarco Another OneEvery once in a while, as we’re going about our day to day routines, we sometimes hit on something that cause us to stop and pay closer attention. The other day, while perusing music at a local record shop (just like the old days, only better constrained), I heard a track on an in-store play. The song was soothing, and reminiscent of a style I’ve always been partial to. Even though there are apps that will snatch the song from the air and give you the artist in question, I still like to ask the store clerk for the answer. It’s always nice for them to know that they’ve chosen wisely. (Everywhere else, I use the app!)

In this instant, I was snared by a new song by Mac DeMarco. Apparently, Mac DeMarco has been around for some time. He already has three full-length albums to his credit, as well as a few Live sets, and some odds and ends sets, and a handful of EPs. All this since 2009 with the release of his heavier Heat Wave! EP. His last release is the mini-album set with 23-minutes worth of music with his recently released Another One. (Eight tracks is a Mini album?) Another One is following on the heels of DeMarco’s well-received Salad Days (2014) release.

Mac DeMarco is a Canadian artist who currently lives in NYC. Much of his solo works are recorded in his apartment. Another One was written and recorded within a whirlwind three week period. I’m impressed! All in all, you older fans will definitely find other familiar influences in DeMarco’s music.

Mac DeMarco

Another One was officially released on August 7 via Captured Tracks, an NYC-based independent label. It contains eight new songs including the one that caught my attention. That song is called “The Way You’d Love Her”. It’s, as you would expect, a love song. In fact, all of the songs on Another One are new love songs. You can hear this mesmerizing track below.

If you enjoy the new single from the just released mini-album, let me suggest further exploration. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

By MARowe