Lycia A Line That ConnectsThe release of Quiet Moments in 2013 by Lycia has energized the band to continue forward with new music. With the notable exception of the digital only, Fifth Sun album release, it had been ten years since Lycia had released a physical issue on CD with a label. Quiet Moments received rave reviews for its eerie introspective beauty, a unique hallmark of Mike Vanportfleet’s compositions.

On Record Store Day 2015, Lycia teamed with Magic Bullet Records for a side split with Black Mare. The song was “Silver Leaf”, which, once again, brought accolades for the band and their unique musical sound.

On August 25, Lycia (Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower, David Galas) will release their next set, A Line That Connects. The issuing label will, once again, be Handmade Birds, who had also effectively released Quiet Moments.

By MARowe