Superchunk Come Pick Me UpIn 1999, Superchunk released their seventh studio album, Come Pick Me Up. By the time this charming album was released, Superchunk had developed quite a fan following.

On July 10, Superchunk will reissue Come Pick Me Up in a remastered and expanded set via their own Merge Records. This new set will offer eight downloadable bonus tracks (they will not be included on the physical reissue). Of the expansion, three will be acoustic renderings of songs from the classic album (“Cursed Mirror”, “Low Branches”, “Pink Clouds”), and the other five will be demos (“Honey Bee”, “Good Dreams”, “Cursed Mirror”, “Smarter Hearts”, and one not in finished form on the album, “White Noise”).

Come Pick Me Up will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The CD will be contained in a 4-panel wallet-styled case with a booklet, and a download card for the bonus content (the bonus content will NOT be contained on the CD or LP). The LP will be 180g-weight vinyl, and will not only contain the download rights to the bonus tracks, but for the whole album as well. The album will be in a jacket, and Euro-sleeve (with hole at label).

Come Pick Me Up – Superchunk

01 So Convinced
02 Hello Hawk
03 Cursed Mirror
04 1000 Pounds
05 Good Dreams
06 Low Branches
07 Pink Clouds
08 Smarter Hearts
09 Honey Bee
10 June Showers
11 Pulled Muscle
12 Tiny Bombs
13 You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)

Downloadable Bonus Tracks:
14 Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
15 Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
16 Low Branches (Acoustic)
17 Honey Bee (Demo)
18 Good Dreams (Demo)
19 Cursed Mirror (Demo)
20 Smarter Hearts (Demo)
21 White Noise (Demo)


By MARowe