The Very Best Of The JamWith so many bands out there, many of them worthy of interesting ‘best of’ collections, remastered reissues, Deluxe Editions, vinyl re-releases, and expanded issues, it’s surprising that there are some that consistently re-release such packages every five years or so. Some of these bands are well-loved, too. The Jam is one of these.

The Jam has enjoyed pretty good success with the release of their many compilations, which, I guess, is reason enough to revisit the band with a new collection. In 1983, Snap! sold well. That’s a reasonable expectation as it was the band’s first set, and just after they disbanded. But later, there were Greatest Hits (1991), The Jam Collection (1996), The Very Best Of The Jam (1997), The Sound Of The Jam (2003), and a 20th Century Masters collection. All of these sets had different wrinkles setting them apart somewhat. Definitely the included booklet will have much to be pleased about.

On June 22, Universal Music will add to that with About The Young Idea: The Very Best Of The Jam. It will be a Limited Edition 2CD collection of 47 tracks, and the tossed in bonus of several demo tracks that include the previously unreleased “Takin’ My Love”, and “The Burning Sky”. The album features the band’s big Top 20 and Number 1 hits, a collection of B-sides, the two earlier mentioned demos, a radio ad spot with “In The City”, and live cuts (see track-list below).

About The Young Idea: The Very Best Of The Jam


01 – In The City (radio ad)
02 – In The City
03 – Art School
04 – Away From The Numbers
05 – Takin’ My Love (demo – previously unreleased)
06 – All Around The World
07 – The Modern World
08 – In The Street Today
09 – News Of The World
10 – David Watts
11 – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
12 – Billy Hunt
13 – To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time)
14 – English Rose
15 – In The Crowd
16 – ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour St.
17 – Strange Town
18 – The Butterfly Collector
19 – When You’re Young
20 – Smithers-Jones
21 – The Eton Rifles
22 – Thick As Thieves
23 – Private Hell
24 – Saturday’s Kids
25 – Burning Sky (demo)


01 – Going Underground
02 – Dreams Of Children
03 – Start!
04 – Liza Radley
05 – Pretty Green
06 – Monday
07 – That’s Entertainment
08 – Man In The Cornershop
09 – Boy About Town
10 – Funeral Pyre
11 – Absolute Beginners
12 – Tales From The Riverbank
13 – Town Called Malice
14 – Precious
15 – Ghosts
16 – Just Who Is The Five O’Clock Hero?
17 – Carnation
18 – The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
19 – Beat Surrender
20 – Move On Up
21 – Shopping
22 – Pop Art Poem

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “New The Jam 2CD Collection Set For June, About The Young Idea”
  1. WHY is UME with a dozen or so Jam compilations released and CDs for the most part NOT selling offering this new compilation as CD only? They should do a vinyl version!

  2. Several other comps not mentioned. But you missed the biggest of all, Direction Reaction Creation (1997), 117 tracks over 5 discs, their entire studio output in chronological order.

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