Jeff Healey Stony Plain YearsJeff Healey, who died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 41, enjoyed a strong career. In addition to his Arista releases, he appeased his love of Jazz with side projects for Stony Plain Records. During this side journey, he recorded traditional Jazz tunes (and other things) for his envisioned projects that included Among Friends (2002), Adventures In Jazzland (2004), It’s Tight Like That (2006), Mess Of Blues (2008), Songs From The Road (2009), and Last Call (2010). These were with The Jazz Wizards.

On July 17, Stony Plain Records will release a collection of his Jazz work with the label on a single CD called The Best Of The Stony Plain Years. This set will gather together twelve songs including a promo only release tune, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, recorded with Chris Barber.

Jeff Healey – The Best Of The Stony Plain Years

01. Three Little Words
02. The Wild Cat
03. Star Dust
04. Sheik of Araby
05. Guitar Duet Stomp
06. Sing You Sinners
07. I Would Do Anything For You
08. Pardon My Southern Accent
09. Some Of These Days
10. My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms
11. Hong Kong Blues
12. Sweet Georgia Brown (Promo only Release with Chris Barber)


By MARowe