Essential Bruce HornsbySince “The Way It Is” brought Bruce Hornsby to the forefront of musicians back in 1986, he has released a steady stream of hits and notable albums. With “Mandolin Rain” doing just as well from that first multi-platinum album (The Way It Is – 1986), Hornsby was settled in as a premier artist to pay attention to. Over the years, he has released over fifteen albums, three with his first ensemble, The Range.

With a wealth of talent that has taken several genre turns, and that has found him sitting in on other artists’ album sessions, Bruce Hornsby has generated a legacy that is strong today.

On May 26, Legacy Recordings and RCA Records will release a 2CD, 29-track Essential series title, The Essential Bruce Hornsby. The collection will offer a generous supply of hits, live cuts, and an expansive look over his entire music career that includes his time with The Range, The Noisemakers, several sessions tracks, and his excellent solo work.

The Essential Bruce Hornsby


01. The Way It Is (Remastered) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
02. The Valley Road (Remastered 2003) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
03. Across the River (Remastered) Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
04. Talk of the Town (Edit) Hornsby, Bruce
05. Rainbow’s Cadillac Hornsby, Bruce
06. White Wheeled Limousine Hornsby, Bruce
07. Resting Place Hornsby, Bruce
08. Preacher In the Ring Pt. I Hornsby, Bruce
09. Shadowland (Edited Version) Hornsby, Bruce
10. Try Anything Once Hornsby, Bruce
11. Halcyon Days (Album Version) Hornsby, Bruce
12. Song F (Album Version) Hornsby, Bruce
13. The Dreaded Spoon Skaggs, Ricky & Bruce Hornsby
14. A Night On the Town Skaggs, Ricky & Bruce Hornsby
15. Camp Meeting Hornsby, Bruce, Christian McBride, & Jack DeJohnette
16. The Black Rats of London Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
17. Song E (Hymn In Eb) Hornsby, Bruce


01. Mandolin Rain (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
02. The End of the Innocence (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
03. Lost Soul Hornsby, Bruce
04. Jack Straw Hornsby, Bruce & the Range
05. Country Doctor (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
06. Spider Fingers (Live) Hornsby, Bruce
07. Hop, Skip and Jump Hornsby, Bruce
08. Medley: Fortunate Son / Comfortably Numb; Fortunate Son\ Comfortably Numb (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
09. Gonna Be Some Changes Made (Live [Edit]) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
10. Levitate Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
11. Darling Corey (Live) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers
12. Cyclone (Live) Hornsby, Bruce and The Noisemakers


By MARowe