Delerium Rarities And B-SidesSometimes, side projects bands, formed by those who are experiencing a slowdown or a hiatus in their main group, can become as successful as the original band. That is true of Delerium, who enjoyed a hit with “Silence”, a song that  guaranteed the Delerium would stay in business. Over time, the band released over ten albums. And when you record as much as Delerium had, it’s inevitable that there be more than released on their available albums.

On April 21, Nettwerk Records will release a collected set of Delerium tracks called Rarities & B-Sides. this new set will contain three brand new tracks (“Glimmer” w/Emily Haines (Metric), “Aurora” w/Rykka, “Ray” w/Kristy Thirsk). The rest of the set will offer eight more rarities.

Track List
Rarities & B-Sides

01. Glimmer w/ Emily Haines
02. Aurora w/ Rykka
03. Silence (W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix)
04. Send Me an Angel (Streets of Fandango Remix)
05. Ray w/Kristy Thirsk
06. Stopwatch Hearts w/ Emily Haines
07. Daylight w/ Matthew Sweet (Edit)
08. After All (Revelation Mixshow Mix by the Passengerz)
09. Innocente w/ Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)
(MR. SAM’S “The Space between Us” Remix)
10. Underwater (Jim Skreech Remix Edit)
11. Send Me an Angel (Reely Chill Mix)

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