Marvin Gaye Let's Get it OnWe’ll just forget that OTHER Marvin Gaye post. I received erroneous info, and with it being a slow news day, I went with something that I would not have otherwise. On the other hand, what this post references (and corrects) is something that I would definitely have gone with! As I will now.

Marvin Gaye is no stranger to fans of R&B, particularly to those of us who remember the music as it played out on the radio. After the success of What’s Going On, and not counting the excellent Trouble Man soundtrack (which we’ll talk about in a few), Marvin Gaye released Let’s Get It On. That album was issued in 1973, generating three singles, one of them the massive Number One title track. The other two singles, “Come Get To This” (not as successful as “Let’s Get It On”, but still flirted with the Top 20 on Pop hits), and “You Sure Like To Ball”, the last single, which heralded the charting power of Let’s Get It On.

Over time, Let’s Get It On continues to be one of the stronger sets in Marvin Gaye‘s catalog.

On April 28, Motown Records will release Let’s Get It On on Blu-ray Audio. The music will be 96k/24-bit audio, and yes, there WILL be a 5.1 Surround mix, which was supervised by the album’s original producer, Cal Harris.

So, there’s that! I apologize for the confusion. Thanks to Robbert van D for the assist!

Also, Motown Records released a vinyl LP version of Trouble Man on March 10! If you wanted something like that, here’s your chance.


And finally, for those that may not know about it, Motown released three hi-resolution digital audio sets of Live At the London Palladium that includes 96k/24-bit, 192k/24-bit, and DSD mixes. Those are readily available having been released back in 2014 on August 5.



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