Blues Pills - LiveBlues Pills is one of the better retro bands that boast a ’70s-styled Blues/Rock blend. And I really hate using the term ‘retro’. Just doesn’t seem fair to those that, if they were present at the time of their beloved style, they would likely have been among the historically adored. Blues Pills is one of those.

I’ve written about this band in times past (read here). Since then, they’ve been a regular on my turntable. And, although I hate listening to music in the car (sounds so awful!), even Blues Pills’ debut album gets play enough there (along with The Paper Kites, and Land Observations).

If you have heard the debut, or, even better, own the album, then glad to have you in the club. You and I both know they’re worth your attention. But if you haven’t, click that link up there and get initiated. It’s free to join!

On March 20, via Nuclear Blast Records, the label will release Blues Pills – Live. Live was recorded during the band’s stand at The Freak Valley Festival last year in Germany, on May 30 (the band will return to another headlining stint on June 4, 2015). Live is being planned to issue on a variety of formats, and in a splashy way (Yay, Nuclear Blast!).

Blues Pills Live CD

Blues Pills – Live will be issued on CD in a collectible digibook case. It will also be issued on vinyl 2LP sets in SIX¬†separate vinyl colors. Those will be standard black, translucent blue, translucent yellow, silver, gold, and a splatter platter. All sets are considered extremely Limited Edition and will not be reprinted once sold out. If you fancy a vinyl version, don’t hesitate as they will become collectibles. There will be NO digital versions of Live available commercially.

For the fastest orders, go here! So far, these are not available on Nuclear Blast America…yet.

Blues Pills - Live Blue LP

The set-list/track-list features eleven tracks, most from their first album.

01 Р High Class Woman
02 – Ain’t No Change
03 – Bliss
04 – Dig In
05 – Black Smoke
06 – The River
07 – The Time Is Now
08 – No Hope Left For Me
09 – Devil Man
10 – Astralplane
11 – Little Sun



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  1. Matt-I am still eternally grateful to you for being the one to get me started with them.

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