Bee Gees 1974-1979In the past, few bands shone as brightly as did the Bee Gees band. With their endless stream of Top Ten hits back in the ’70s during the disco era, they just could not write a song that displeased the fan. And while a time arrived that left the brothers in pursuit of relevancy for the advancing times, they still had the strong hits of the past, and a catalog of excellent albums to keep their name in the forefront of music greats. Sadly, only Barry Gibb remains, but the legacy left behind by the collective music of the three brothers still mark their time like protective spirits surrounding us. Those songs leave us feeling comforted.

On March 24, the combined efforts of RGE Records, BeeGees Music, and Reprise Records will release a 5CD assembly that will incorporate the albums released during the 1973 through 1979 elevated periods of Bee Gees.

The 5CD set, 1974-1979 will provide the albums that offered their highest plateau of hits. Those include Mr. Natural (1974), Main Course (1975), Children Of The World (1976), Spirits Having Flown (1979), and a mix of Saturday Night Fever tunes on the fifth disc.

Bee Gees

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “Bee Gees Labels Readies 5CD Albums Set, 1974-1979 For March”
  1. I guess we won’t get any vault material until Warner Music’s 10-year license expires in 2016. Barry Gibb’s restrictiveness with vault material is a bummer. Excepting “Children of The World”, I have all this stuff already.(I even have the best tracks from “Children of The World” on compilation CD’s)

  2. There is a lot of great material from 1970-1973. Six albums. Lots of unreleased tracks. Some are great and some are not. To not re-release this set makes no sense.

  3. Barry Gibb is notorious for his lack of interest in the Bee Gees outtakes and older unissued material. Given the state of his voice, which started noticable deterioration on the This Is Where I Came In album, he should get fully involved in reissuing everything of merit in the archives. He owes it to his brothers’ memory as well as the fans who loved them. I am not being unkind in saying that Barry as a singer NOW does not interest me.

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