I remember the sadness I felt after losing great magazines like Crawdaddy!, Trouser Press, Creem, and several others. and not that I’m a great magazine, but I can say that I do remember the feeling of loss.

I am overwhelmed by the personal emails, the comments, and the strong support. While I still wonder about the relevancy of TAP these days, I do recognize that a community exists. I don’t expect a barrage of comments when you come to visit either. I just wondered if what I produce bring anything to the readers. I guess your comments proved they did.

Perhaps, I can narrow it down. Do you find the announcements of current, new alternative styled bands worth your time? I listen to music relentlessly. In fact, I wonder myself how I actually do it and maintain any kind of life. But I pull it off. Somehow.

I do write elsewhere. One is a local newspaper (where you’re welcome to come and visit), The Pontiac Daily Leader. I do some work for The Morton Report, as well as for another site that features non-music related pieces.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. Should I decide to retire TAP (and now, I may not), I will promise a periodic write-up elsewhere. But for now, it’s business as usual. And for the UK audience that requested more UK Reports, I promise to do my best. I have tried over the years to gain a foothold into the labels there, to gain viable info for the UK readers. I will continue to try to achieve some kind of rapport. ┬áIf any of you are in the UK industry, get in touch with me.

Thanks, again!

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thanks From Matt!”
  1. I believe the TAP was the first place I heard about the Black Angels…so yes, I think new music has it’s place too. You’ve always struck a good balance.

  2. Keep up the great reports Matt!!!

    You have opened our eyes to a lot of music that may have been overlooked and the upcoming announcements are a great resource for those of us who have nowhere else to find new release information in the compact format that you offer.

  3. I am interested in anything you feel worthy of presenting to us Matt (new music, re-releases, industry news, opinions, etc.). I trust your judgment and I think your music interests align perfectly with the demographic that Tap attracts (those that consider music a high priority in their lives and not just background noise).

    I will also point out that the definition of “relevancy” is very subjective. I can assure you it is relevant to those who check in several times a week.

    Still, above all, I just don’t want it to be “work” to you even though I am sure it takes time. If it isn’t fun for you then I wouldn’t expect you to continue.

  4. Dear Matt,
    I follow your site and the Second Disc, as well as Super Deluxe Edition. Thanks. We are out here. We don’t always write.

  5. Matt,

    Just keep writing about what you are passionate about. I visit your site almost daily and it’s great to read about a release form the past or a new band that you are into. If you are looking to back off, there are a number of sites that keep us informed of release dates….although I do recollect that I saw a few at MusicTAP first! Good luck with your decision and all the best!

  6. Matt,

    Just to echo Richard’s comments, even though we don’t always comment we are still here reading. We appreciate your efforts so please carry on.

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