MusicTAPAllow me to take stock of my audience. As the years go by, I feel that MusicTAP is becoming an obsolete service to its readers. Of course, it may just be how I feel. I like finding the occasional great band for everyone to enjoy, and certainly being the one that brings you an exciting piece of news. But the reality exists that I don’t know my full audience. Much of the music I get notified these days with concern new bands that – I think – are of no concern to much of TAP’s readers. Worse, it requires a window of time that could be better served in other things.

Of course, if these things that I normally post about of of interest, I definitely like posting them. However, there are many other services other there that report on the same thing, many much more quickly than I. I begin to wonder if MusicTAP is effective.

My question then, is just how much value is served by the postings that I do? I’ve been at this for nearly fifteen years. I just can’t help but note the changes that have occurred over the decade, and the questions that we have asked over the years. Of course, it’s always exciting to stumble on to the upcoming remix of a popular album, but those are far and few between.

Perhaps TAP is now beyond its years, overstaying its welcome, overstating its value and worthiness.

Let me know.

By MARowe

66 thoughts on “Value To TAP?”
  1. For what it’s worth, I think your postings are highly informative. Whether it’s a new band or older , I’m always amazed and wonder where you get your new release info. I discovered Black Rebel Motorcycle Club through you. I can understand. If it’s time to wrap it up , but I wil stil miss your columns.
    Mark Story
    Rochester, NY

  2. I check in at least once a day. I enjoy finding out about new releases and I still like hearing about new bands. There are still a few cds a year that I pick up after reading your review.

    I have definitely noticed that not as many people make comments but only you have the information to know how many people visit the site each week.

    I’ll answer this as I always do. If you aren’t having fun anymore, then it’s time to stop. If it’s taking up more time than you wish to spend on it, then it’s time to stop. If it’s starting to feel more like work than a hobby, then it’s time to stop. And, I suppose, if only 100 people are visiting the website each week, then MAYBE it’s time to stop.

    If you decide to stop I will just say thanks for all you’ve done for the past 15 years. If you decide to keep going, you can count on me to check in and comment when I have a comment.

  3. I rarely comment, but I visit this site pretty much every day. I’m hoping you write up an end of the year list. I’m actually as interested in new bands as old favorites. I’m still enjoying the new Ume album as well as the Honeyblood debute. Don’t know if you’re familiar with either band, but you should probably check them out.

  4. You are my go to site to keep up with all the music release info. I think you do a great job…I check in several times weekly.

  5. I check every single day. I used to subscribe to great newsletters like ICE and Rock n Roll Disc, but now I depend on your site and a couple others to get deep news about music releases. Thanks for what you do!

  6. One of the few sites left that give informative information on upcoming releases. Keep up the good work

  7. First, I always check out anything you post and read your columns frequently. There are times when the topics don’t interest me but your point of view will. I am 67 which is probably what influences me more than anything. I must honestly say that I seldom listen to new music and buy it even less frequently. As you have suggested, a project regarding some remastered version of something from the sixties or seventies has my complete attention. And I still cannot understand all the new interest in LPs. Having lived through that era and trying to keep a collection free of scratches the switch to CDs and immediate access to each track was what I had been waiting my whole life to experience. Not going back. I still buy physical product and only buy a download from iTunes when it is the only option available or some immediate need. I’d miss you if you’d stop writing but please do what is best for you. I’m sure you will. Thanks for all the time and information you’ve given us over the years.

  8. i also check in every day.Your knowledge of music and you new listings have sent me in many directions over the years.I now have over 500 cds in my itunes account,many because of your work.Stay with us please

  9. Hi Matt,

    I still enjoy your page and check it (as well as frequently. Thanks for keeping it up all these years. If you decide to stop I’ll understand, but I’ll be among those who miss your posts.

  10. I visit your site every day though have not commented (until now) It is very imformative with great reviews and news of upcomming releases. Thanks again and best wishes with whatever your decision is.

  11. Musictap is good. I think your postings are informative. I always find new music by musictap. I have a huge collection. So it is increasingly difficult to find a new one. I understand.

  12. I check every morning first thing when i get to work to check up on any news or upcoming releases or reissues. My tastes in music are sort of stuck in the 70’s so i don’t usually make comments but still am always interested to see what’s going on in the music world. You’re service is more useful to me than CNN or USA Today.

  13. Matt – I may not comment much, but wanted you to be assured that I always check in each day to see what’s new. TAPsheet is my one stop place to go for news and comment on upcoming back catalog re-issues in USA. Wish you could also do UK more often.

  14. I visit daily and ALWAYS find something new and interesting. You have given me several bands that I really loved, that I would never have discovered, had it not been for Music Tap. That makes your blog quite valuable to me!

  15. I check your site daily. It is the one music related site I visit where I find our musical tastes are very similar. In addition to often learning of interesting upcoming releases from you, I often check out bands you write about that I might otherwise miss. I hope you stick around.

  16. Although I never comment, I consider this site a vital source for new and reissued music and check it on a daily basis.

  17. I visit your site almost every day… I use this site for upcoming CDs. Much better than Pause and Play. Keep going with your great website.

  18. Matt, I have a very esoteric taste in music, from Opera through classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk to metal and death metal. I have very few people I can talk to in general about (my) music, but I find you share a lot of my interest, and I have picked up bands from you, Dead Can Dance, Ian Siegal, October Project, and I go and listen on Spotify every time you recommend a band. I have enjoyed your page a lot, and even have made the occasional comment where I like. I appreciate your site and must admit, I haven’t ever looked for another as you more than adequately fill my bill. As most of the other people, have said, if you decide to pack it in, I’d understand, and just want you to know I feel that my music life is very much the better for your input.
    It’s difficult being a maverick music fan, and I’ve felt you a bit of a kindred spirit. Nobody else shares the enthusiasm for Steven Wilson, as an example. Whatever you decide, a very heartfelt thank you for being a part of my life.

  19. I visit musicTap daily and enjoy it thoroughly. Release dates and other info whets my appetite. Though I don’t always agree with you subjectively our musical tastes are similar and I can appreciate your different preferences.i hope you continue to share.

  20. I check in every day. Though I keep pretty close tabs on Prog, my favourite genre of Rock through many sources, you are the only one I can rely on for a lot of other Rock and related releases. So for me, your site is very useful and besides that, enjoyable too. i agree with Bill B’s comments – if you are not having fun anymore, then it is time to stop. Smoke Fairies, Mary Fahl, October Project and Band of Skulls are just some of the bands I learned of through your site.

  21. I read it almost daily too, being a senior I love the ‘re-issue’ stuff. It is well written and well presented… please re-consider. Thanking you for hard work and scope of articles , not an easy endeavour, although your enthusiasm bursts through. Philip

  22. I check every day as well. Discovered Lily amp; Madeleine and the Smoke Fairies here. Gave them a chance and never regretted it. If anyone takes up the offer to enter the Panegyric contest from a previous post I hope the winner is someone who visits this site.

  23. Ditto here. I don’t comment much, but I’m here at least every other day. I enjoy your posts very much. Please keep up the good work .

  24. I visit every single day and would be disappointed should the desire to continue this informative blog dissipate due to a perceived lack of appreciation and/or interest from us, the miniscule user group (although that latter assessment is certainly subjective anyhow…) For Pete’s sake, the recent DVD review of the Stones’ 70’s L.A. gig was the sort of thing I expect to find here, and routinely do. Christmas season got you feeling morose and elegiacal? Cheer up…we love ya, man!

  25. I check the site daily and find it highly informative. Your suggestions are helpful and, as others have said, it’s not often you connect with someone who has the same passion and broad tastes in music which you have. Personally, I would hate to lose such a valuable resource, but understand if you are feeling burned-out. For the record, this site is far from obsolete nor has it overstayed its welcome. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

  26. Hey – I check in regularly and am looking for info on new releases and expanded editions. Your blog is informative and interesting. Feel free to ask for responses to some goofy or exciting reissue and see what happens

    Seasons greetings from Detroit

  27. I always look forward to your posts. I often learn of interesting upcoming releases from this site. I also enjoy your requests for lists of classic recordings by singular artists or by genre. Your editorials on the music business are always insightful. Yours is truly a labor of love.

  28. I have you in my RSS feeds…when I see a new post is up I’ll click on it depending on who the band is. Tapnotes and overflows I always read.

    And I like this blog because it has a unique viewpoint I don’t get from other blogs. And I like that most of the comments sections feature intelligent comments and not a lot of nonsense that clogs up other blogs.

  29. Matt, I check your page daily and am disappointed when there isn’t something new to check out. If anything, I would want more MusicTap than less. :)

  30. I’m in the read every day club. I’m mostly interested in progressive rock and reissues, but it is all interesting and I’ve bought several on recommendations here.

  31. Its invaluable. I simply would not know that release that I value would be coming if it wasn’t for your site. And its always interesting to read your opinions. Your work is very much appreciated and relevant. Many thanks

  32. Well, with all the above I love you’s, you had better not hang it up !

    I look forward to visiting your site daily. Your work, I am sure, is more appreciated than you realize.

    Thank You.

  33. One of 3-4 music websites I frequent, including, slicingupeyeballs and superdeluxeedition. I encourage you to keep it up.

    From Ontario, Canada

  34. I check in at least once a day. I look for the new releases and reviews. Please don’t go away….don’t want to search for another site that probably wouldn’t be as informative.

  35. musicTap is part of my daily routine for many many years. I enjoy your comments, reviews and ‘heads-up’ on new releases I would never hear about otherwise…….. you have provided info on new music, remasters & multi-channel 5.1 releases I would of never heard about except for musicTap! If you must let go of this blog I understand. However, you are our go to source for music that interests all of us! I’ve looked for others but yours is the most informative by far!! THANKS!

  36. I’m here once a day. It’s one of few places to get really good information about what’s happening in the music world. Plus your views and tastes on music as much the same as mine, so the site is fun to read. Please don’t go away!

  37. Your work is greatly appreciated , you are 1 of my 3 go to sites (second disc and super deluxe edition being the others) for the music I love , I check 3-4 times a day , firstly to check for your new posts and then to see what others have had to say about the various upcoming releases …. Keep up the great work ….. Please

  38. The loss of TAP would be tragic to those of us who consider ourselves “musicologists”. I find your site informative, creative, and well worth the time I spend every day checking it out.

    Keep up the great work! Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many.

  39. I immediately bookmarked this site when the main page had a quote by Zevon, an excellent review of Diamond’s “Serenade” album, and some great suggestions for music I could be interested in. My withdrawal kicks in if the page doesn’t get updated in a few days. Could I get the information faster elsewhere? Perhaps. But I love the editorials that come with the updates. Your articles have made me dust off some old albums I haven’t listened to in a while and made me listen to the familiar with a fresh set of ears. THAT is the stuff you can’t get elsewhere.

  40. I find this site a great source of information and it does greatly influence my purchasing. I visit it about 3x per week or more and look forward to hearing the latest news and adding to my wishlist based on the news I find here. I would greatly miss it if it disappeared. Thank you for all your work.

  41. I check here every day. Your posts have something that others don’t – warmth, affection and personality. Sure, I can get raw facts lots of places. But, you put your love of music into it and that raises it above other sites with a similar function.

  42. Please keep up the FANTASTIC work! I checked usually every other day. I love reading your site. The sad part is music news is harder to find, and keep up with. Yes, I miss ICE magazine! Time rolls on…

    I know some sites offer some type of donation. Maybe a few of us could chip in a little to keep you going. :-)

  43. I visit here daily on weekdays just to check in on possible new releases, as well as insightful commentary on the state of music and the music business. Keep it up for as long as it brings you pleasure to do so, and i and many others will keep reading….

  44. I look in daily. Almost nowhere else can I find this info in such a timely, concise and entertaining way. Your site provides immense value to my music obsessions.

  45. Hey Matt you need some love of your fans and here we are. Don’t have doubts, musictap is highly appreciated. Unique in its “fan tone” for reviews and information of things to come. Thanks for being one of us, one of the Good ones.

  46. Another daily visitor here. I have posted a few comments, but mostly just read. For years this has been my go-to site for upcoming releases, particularly DVD-Audio, SACD, and now BD-Audio. I love that your tastes are even wider than mine; I’ve learned a lot even if not everything works for me.

    To paraphrase, if you build it (or keep it going), we will come. If it’s gotten too much for you, we will understand.

  47. Far from obsolete. This is where I find out what is on the way.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    And, Thank You.

  48. I visit here almost daily to see what is coming in the near future. This is the one place I can always count on to have information and reviews on albums that I would be interested in. I too am the product of a bygone era, born in the born 50’s, grew up listening to albums in the 60’s and 70’s, it’s nice to get the input from one of my peers. So please continue doing what you are doing and keep up the good work.

  49. I’m a reader from the U.K., and I try to visit the site every day. Such an excellent source of info. Keep going PLEASE!

  50. Sadness would sweep the land and the sun would shine a little less brightly if you hang up your musictap hat.I know we don’t discuss world-affecting events, but your forum has always felt like the long discussions we’d have at our now closed record store. It would really be missed by me and, apparently, many, MANY others. If you must go, farewell. But I hope you don’t check out just yet. Your wealth of info and passion about the music is still a rarity, even in the information overload age.You do really fine work and I’m very appreciative!

  51. Matt your opinions, knowledge and news is a welcome breath of fresh air instead of the halitosis we are exposed to as the other music news sites which rarely provide a nugget of information, let alone the wealth you can provide. I may not always agree with your reviews, but I’ll listen to your opinions with a thoughtful ear and open mind. You are a welcome rest stop on the information highway. I know I just dated myself by saying that, but the simile worked methinks :)

  52. Dear Matt, I cannot put into words how much I have valued and most thoroughly enjoyed your most necessary website. I can’t imagine the internet without it. Too many worthy media outlets have fallen by the wayside over the years. I can’t tell you what I would do to get back (real) MTV amp; the out-of-print Premiere Magazine. Over the years you have given me so many great gift ideas for myself, family amp; friends, and brightened my day knowing there’s someone out there, who’s knowledgeable that loves music as much as I and all of your readers do. Sorry if you ever feel under appreciated amp; unnoticed, don’t be. You are a must have, must read. Let’s play some tunes! Forever MusicTapFan, Sincerely, Amy Green. P.S. I still only buy cds, no downloads for me.

  53. Matt!
    I just stumbled back in the door after a long absent-minded absence, you can’t hang it up now. I have re-experienced a lot of joy looking at the last couple months postings and adding Tap to the favorites bar so I don’t fall off of the log again.
    Regards, Tim

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