Fly Golden EagleEvery once in a while, as I travel over songs and albums, I run across something that catches my attention more than the usual interest. This time its a band by the name of Fly Golden Eagle, who takes their musical cues from generations past. Of course, there are many that do this, but out of the many, there are a few who really seem to get it right. This four-member band from Nashville, TN (and who sound nothing like anything expected out of Nashville), are a tight unit that play genuine Rock and Roll, produced with the utmost expertise.

The band released their first album, Swagger, back in 2011. Filled with a collection of good Rock and Roll, the album provides an excellent showcase to the classic Rock style adopted by Fly Golden Eagle. Their latest album, Quartz, has been released as an extended edition, a sprawling affair with upwards of 26 tracks on 2CDs. However, the album is pared down to a sharp display of twelve songs with the upcoming release of a cassette (yes…a cassette. Everything old is new again!), as well as the recent mid-October release of the album (which also feature twelve tracks, and is called Quartz Bijou). Should you  find that the band is a good one for you, you won’t go bad with the extended Edition of Quartz.

Fly Golden Eagle Quartz Bijou

You can call the music of Fly Golden Eagle psychedelic funk, fitting right into the current resurgence of the psychedelic Rock movement  Give Fly Golden Eagle a listen and see if they fit into your busy schedule somehow.

This band deserves a shot on SNL. But then, so does Heartless Bastards, The Black Angels

By MARowe

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  1. I like ’em! I did the same thing and “discovered” a Nashville band…………The Eskimo Brothers. Give them a shot and let your readers know what you think. Their only CD came out in 2012 and they’re phenomenal musicians that can sing and play each others instruments. I was captivated by their live show! How can you go wrong with a stand-up bass?

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