Earth Wind And Fire HolidayIt’s that time of the year where classic Holiday music is starting to become the norm. And while it may not be playing in your house at the moment, how will you know what to play in your house when the time does come if I don’t help to preview them for you. And so it pleases me to tell you about the new Earth, Wind & Fire album, Holiday.

As the title would have you know, Holiday is a collection of classic songs reworked in the inimitable style of the band, with a brilliant bonus thrown in to further enhance the album, creating a rarity that will exist only within this album. But more about that in a bit.

The new album offers the usual tracks like “Joy To The World”, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, “Winter Wonderland”, “The First Nöel”, and nine others (see track list below). What makes this particular album such fun to listen to is that it’s pure Earth, Wind And Fire. As the opener track begins, it’s all funk and soul in a brilliant take on the classic “Joy To The World”. In fact, you may not have it any other way…now. That same style gets visited upon “Winter Wonderland”. “The Drummer Boy” takes on a new flavor. Still, songs like “Jingle Bell Rock” stays as close to the original sound that is remembered but with the horn sections to spice it up.

There are two originals here, one of them quite the surprise. The first is “”Happy Seasons”, a song based on their original “Happy Feelin'” from their 1975 classic, That’s The Way Of The World. The second is “December”, reworked from their Top 10 hit, “September”, a non-alb um single released in 1978. Both can be considered rarities here, and thus collectible.

Holiday is a great holiday set of tracks from one of the world’s great R&B bands. Long live Maurice White and his tenor voice, and Philip Bailey with his magnificent falsetto.

Release Date: October 21, 2014

Label: Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings
Website – Official
Availability: CD

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe

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