Hawkwind Space Chase 1980-1985Hawkwind explored the outer regions of Rock and Roll with its hard-edged style. Their sound kept them quite interesting with its spacey approach. And with a luminary like Lemmy Kilmister once in the lineup, better focus was provided the band, especially after his departure and eventual formation of Mötörhead. Hawkwind favored a space theme, bending and twisting guitars to create wails, echos, and whistles in longer than normal time frames for songs.

Hawkwind has never been forgotten. In fact, they have been anthologized many times, with pin-point approaches to their music during various periods of their existence.

On December 1, Caroline Records will re-pack the reissue of the 2011 single CD collectible that brought together fifteen tracks from their early ’80s albums that include Levitation (1980), Sonic Attack (1981), Choose Your Masques (1982), and The Chronicle of The Black Sword (1985). The box will add in a nice 50-page booklet along with a poster.

The 2011 collection is called Space Chase 1980-1985.

Space Chase 1980-1985 Track-list

01. Levitation
02. Motor Way City
03. World of Tiers
04. Space Chase
05. Shot Down In The Night (Single Version)
06. Rocky Paths
07. Angels of Death
08. Living On A Knife Edge
09. Nuclear Drive
10. Choose Your Masques
11. Silver Machine (1982 Single Version)
12. Waiting For Tomorrow
13. Dragons & Fables
14. The Sea King
15. Needle Gun


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