Gong I See YouIf you were a fan of Gong, then you know that greatness went through its turnstiles. There’s Steve Hillage. There’s Bill Bruford. There was Kevin Ayers. There was Allen Holdsworth. Their original – and current – vocalist and guitarist, Daevid Allen, although currently undergoing treatment for cancer, is still involved with the band. Gong is a brand name of a band immersed in its own style of progressive Rock, begun as early as 1967, and with more than 20 albums to their credit including those by Mother Gong. The fact that they’re still involved simply underscores a good band’s potential for genuine longevity.

On November 18, the current incarnation of Gong will release the band’s next album in I See You. Being released in both the US and Canada on Madfish Records, the new 12-track album will be issued on both CD, and 2LP vinyl sets.

I See You still owns the style well known by Gong fans. Daevid Allen, who is heavily invested in this new album is 75 years old, but the music inside does not feel like that derived by a tired man. In fact, the album is lively and fresh. The music remains the usual multi-layers of instruments and concepts. much that will please fans of the ageless band. With hybrids of jazz, rock, and an unsettling but engaging blend of sound, Gong still has the talent to create unforgettable works.

Allen has pushed hard to recruit and keep competent and highly qualified musicians within the ranks of this band, insuring that the music they create will adhere to the standards expected of the band.

Welcome back, Gong. You’re as refreshing as you’ve been in decades past.


By MARowe

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