KISS Love Gun 2CD DEOne of our favorite music sites on the web, The Second Disc, sprung a good one today for KISS fans. Their announcement of the upcoming Remastered and Expanded Love Gun, the KISS classic from 1977 is sure to excite the huge army of fans across the world. Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of repackaging of the KISS albums in many forms including new vinyl reissues. But we haven’t heard much on the creation of any Deluxe Editions, which is surprising given the fact that they have recently entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But the announcement from the GREAT Joe Marchese of The Second Disc should hopefully not only give fans a thrill for Love Gun, but also the hope that there will be more albums deserving of the treatment following this one.

On October 27 (UK), and October 28 (US) (talk about cutting this release news short!), Universal, and Mercury Records (with Casablanca Records) will reissue Love Gun as a 2CD Deluxe Edition. The original album will be remastered, found on the first CD, while the second CD will contain a wealth of unreleased Love Gun demos that include “Plaster Caster”, “Love Gun”, “I Know Who You Are”, and four more. A 1977 Gene Simmons interview will be included as will three live performance tracks from their 1977 Capitol Centre (Largo, MD) show on December 20 (“Love Gun”, Christine Sixteen”, “Shock Me”).

The booklet will include the expected set of photographs, memorabilia, credits, and liner notes, including a new Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) essay.

Love Gun track-list:


01 – I Stole Your Love
02 – Christine Sixteen
03 – Got Love For Sale
04 – Shock Me
05 – Tomorrow and Tonight
06 – Love Gun
07 – Hooligan
08 – Almost Human
09 – Plaster Caster
10 – Then She Kissed Me


01 – Much Too Soon (Demo)
02 – Plaster Caster (Demo)
03 – Reputation (Demo)
04 – Love Gun (Teaching Demo)
05 – Love Gun (Demo)
06 – Gene Simmons Interview – 1977
07 – Tomorrow and Tonight (Demo)
08 – I Know Who You Are (Demo)
09 – Love Gun (Capitol Centre, Largo, MD – 12/20/1977)
10 – Christine Sixteen (Capitol Centre, Largo, MD – 12/20/1977)
11 – Shock Me (Capitol Centre, Largo, MD – 12/20/1977)


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