NerellSeeligTreeOfLifeAmbient music is a style that knows few boundaries. It can be as unnerving as a walk in a strange place, as therapeutic as a full body rub, and as ancient as time itself.  Unfortunately, there are few labels that provide fans with such music. Projekt Records is one of those that not only provide us with an excellent array of ambient music, the label does it on a consistent basis.

Recently released is the combined efforts of Loren Nerell, and Mark Seelig, called Tree Of Life.

Loren Nerell is a composer with an astonishing resume of music. With music written for film and theater, Nerell has had his interests based in the arts of electronic music. With his skills, he is able to bring a high level of sound and composition, as Tree of Life will demonstrate, to the skills of others. Mark Seelig is a musician with his roots deep in his ability to explore and reproduce the ancient music of the Bansuri flute, a specific and haunting bamboo instrument.

As a collaborative effort, Tree Of Life is many things.  Not only an exploration of ancient time, the album also dips into the spiritual aspects of a world that is not often visited by many. Using chants, and the rarely heard effects of the instruments found on the album, Tree Of Life goes on a journey of its own.  What is important is that you thumb a ride with Nerell and Seelig on their way to the mythical Tree of Life.

Tree of Life is a small collection of sonic beauty worthy of your time. It promises much in return.

–Matt Rowe

Release Date: April, 2014
Label: Projekt Records

Availability: CD, DD (Limited to 500 on CD)


By MARowe

One thought on “The Ambient Series Review: Tree Of Life – Loren Nerell and Mark Seelig”
  1. I’m a big fan of ambient music; being on 3rd. shift I use it to drown out the everyday sounds in my home. We are fortunate to have a radio station in Philly, WXPN; who have 2 programs. Echoes, amp; Stars End.

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