MorrisseyVauxhall and IRemasterFans of The Smiths, and in particular, Morrissey, will be pleased to know that Rhino and Parlophone will reissue the 1994 classic, Vauxhall And I in a 2CD 20th Anniversary Edition, as well as a 180g-weight vinyl LP (without the live set bonus). The new reissue will featured new remastering, an added disc that contains a live recording of Morrissey’s stand at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on February 26, 1995, and an updated booklet.

As fans know, Vauxhall And I kicked open the doors for Morrissey, giving him a stable, and growing fan-base on which to build his solo career on. ┬áThe album generated a hit with “The More You Ignore Me, I Closer I Get”, especially in a difficult to please US marketplace.

The Definitive Master will be reissued in the US in its 20th Anniversary Edition on June 3, on 2CD. LP, and DD.

Track-list for Vauxhall And I – 20th Anniversary Edition Definitive Master

Disc 1: Vauxhall and I
1. Now My Heart Is Full
2. Spring-Heeled Jim
3. Billy Budd
4. Hold On To Your Friends
5. The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get
6. Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself
7. I Am Hated For Loving
8. Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning
9. Used To Be A Sweet Boy
10. The Lazy Sunbathers
11. Speedway

Disc 2: Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 1995
1. Billy Budd
2. Have-A-Go Merchant
3. Spring-Heeled Jim
4. London
5. You re The One For Me Fatty
6. Boxers
7. Jack The Ripper
8. We ll Let You Know
9. Whatever Happens I Love You
10. Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself
11. The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get
12. National Front Disco
13. Moon River
14. Now My Heart Is Full

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