RickWakeman No Earthly ConnectionRick Wakeman got his first real grounded play in Rock and Roll while being in Strawbs. However, his stand with YES during their most interesting years did more for his visibility than anything else up to that point. Still with A&M Records, Wakeman released a solo effort, The Six Wives Of Henry VIII.  That album performed well, resonating with fans and critics.  With the release of his followup album, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, his solo work was cemented, and he had become a star in his own right.

Over the years, Wakeman would rejoin YES, leave, all the while continuing to create solo works that included The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur, Listzomania, No Earthly Connection, White Rock, and others.  And that was just the ’70s.  In the ’80s, he pounded out over ten albums.

If you’re a Rick Wakeman fan, then you will be excited to know that A&M Records will engage in a reissue campaign for the entirety of Rick Wakeman’s A&M label output beginning in July.  Those include previously mentioned titles on through Rhapsodies, released in 1979.  While the releases may initially begin in the UK, they are expected to be released in the US as well.

I think that’s something to get excited about, don’t you?


By MARowe

One thought on “Rick Wakeman A&M Catalog To Be Reissued”
  1. While a welcome set of re-issues, you can’t help thinking that handing them over to Steve Wilson for the same treatment / packaging that was accorded Yes’ “Close To The Edge” would have been a better option.

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