YourHeadASongI have a question for you.  Do you ever get possessed by a song, hearing it in your head sometimes for days, maybe even weeks?  It seems to happen to me maybe even more these days then it did even a year ago.  Of course, we all get a song stuck in our heads.  Often, I can get that stuck song dislodged within a day.  Lately, when a song cuddles up in my cranium, it’s stuck there for weeks. And it refuses to go away, even of I try to change the tune.

Strangely, since relocating from California back to Illinois, where I grew up, music takes on a different feeling.  I’m attributing it to the fact that it was here in IL that I first heard and listened to these songs.  Therefore, it feels interestingly more “familiar”.  I’m wondering if that is a contributing factor to the length of time that a song is hanging around.

Hope your weekend rocks!

By MARowe

10 thoughts on “I Got Music Running In My Head”
  1. Are you kidding me? All of the time. Over the last week, I’ve had “I Saw Her Again” from The Mamas amp; The Papas in my head. I’ve had a heavy dose of “Peace In Mississippi” from Jimi Hendrix as well. And over the last few days, since I mentioned to you that I heard a great old aircheck from 1971 (from what I believe was WLS) on my local AM station that I listen to, I’ve had “Stoned Love” from the post-Ross Era Supremes almost constantly.
    Songs playing in my head are definitely influenced by the moves from California and Oregon I’ve been through over the years. The music helps to inform my own private history when I attempt to make some kind of sense of it.

    1. Normally, I like songs up in there. But when they overstay their welcome, muscling out any newcomers, and are noisy tenants, it gets annoying. The longest stay was “Phoenix” by Wishbone Ash, and not the studio version, but rather the “Live Dates” version. It stayed up there for three weeks.

  2. All the time. I find if I put it on auto-replay for a couple of hours I get my fix and can then move on. Once in a while a song will stick around for a few days.
    I do have streaks where I get stuck on one artist for a couple of weeks but that’s a multi-album deal.

  3. Yes!!! All the time. My method is to put it in the cd player and listen to it for as long as I can before I get tired of it. Usually a couple of hours over two days does it. I then add that song to the list that will make up my next “mix” disc.
    I do have multi-week periods where I will fixate on one artist but that usually involves multiple albums.

  4. Interesting… I could not see my original post until I posted this new one. I just figured I forgot to hit the button last night so re-commented. Wonder what’s up with that?

  5. Not only does this happen frequently, it seems to be contagious.

    I was in Costco recently and I overheard a lady humming “The Girl From Ipanema” and it got lodged in my head. It’s a fine song and I do have a ‘Best of” Astrud Gilberto collection loaded on my iPod just in case I need to hear a bosa nova but this is not something that play frequently.

    I saw the lady again at the check out and told her that I overheard her humming and now I was stuck with this in my head. She started laughing and said they had used it a few days earlier on the Colbert Report and it had been stuck in her head for days.

    The song usually goes away if I hunt it down an play it.

  6. I tend to have seasonal ones, especially living in the frozen north!

    For example, when we start to get early fall and then into winter, I have California Dreamin’ stuck in my head; spring and summer I get Summer Breeze, and don’t get me started on Christmas songs. And also what gets a lot of songs started for me are spoken phrases. If I overhear someone on TV or out and about say “wouldn’t it be nice”, then you know what happens. I am a victim of knowing too many songs and they can strike at any moment!

  7. They’re known as “earworms”. I make sure I listen to some quality tunes before I embark on a backpacking trip or somewhere without a music source.

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