Matt reported a ton of news with his latest post. I will do the same.

Humble Pie – I have to put this one first as I am completely over the moon that the official announcement was made today. Humble PiePerformance: Rockin’ The Fillmore-The Complete Recordings is confirmed as a 4-CD box set with the full uninterrupted shows from start to finish. The set is due out from Omnivore on October 29.  (Omnivore, The Second Disc).


Neil Young – It has been confirmed, but the wording is a little confusing. Neil Young-Live At The Cellar Door 1970 is coming out on Warner Brothers/Reprise on September 6. The confusing part of the report by KLIZ’s Classic Rock News site is that it was a vinyl release with no mention of CD, but I saw a CD pre-order for it over at Amazon before it got pulled down.

Jethro Tull – The Steven Wilson re-mix of Jethro TullBenefit, with a few extra bonus tracks, is coming out on October 14 from Universal. (IMWAN, Hoffman Forum).


OJC – For those of you who are lovers of Jazz, some more OJC titles are coming out on September 17. One of note is Duke Ellington and His OrchestraThe Ellington Suites-OJC/Pablo/Concord.

Tom Petty – Speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine, Tom Petty informed his fans that the next album with The Heartbreakers is nearly complete.

Cowboy Junkies – Mike Timmins of Cowboy Junkies made a rather stunning announcement on the official Cowboy Junkies Facebook page. The multi-artist project that Mike had hinted at earlier this year is to be known as The Kennedy Suite. Cowboy Junkies will be the backing band for some of the material. Other bands such as Lee Harvey Osmond are also involved. The album surrounds the period of the JFK assassination. It is a character based story that Mike attempted to describe as something of a mish-mash of concept album, Rock Opera, and other elements. There will be one song which Margo Timmins will sing on where she is Jackie Kennedy after the assassination. The impression that one gets from reading Mike’s post is that this project became something larger than themselves. It is due out this Fall.


Gladys Knight & The Pips – Remember my post on all of those old Soul Music records I’d love to see out on CD and given nice proper reissues? One of the ones from my list is making it out with 3 bonus tracks so far. The album I speak of is Gladys Knight & The Pips – Imagination. One of the extra songs on this expanded edition will be an instrumental version of “Midnight Train To Georgia”. It is coming out on September 30 by the Funkytown Grooves label as part of a series of Gladys Knight & The Pips reissues coming out on the same day. What’s very unique about this announcement is that the label put a disclaimer of sorts on their site saying that more bonus tracks will be added to the CDs if the right masters for songs could be found. I am hoping that one more will be squeezed in for Imagination-the original demo for “Midnight Plane To Houston” which was rejected and re-written. News of these reissues have been posted over at IMWAN and the details can also be found at Funkytown Groove’s website.

Fleetwood Mac – Coming from Japan will be SHM-CDs of the pre-Buckingham/Nicks Era Fleetwood Mac for Then Play On, Kiln House, Future Games, Bare Trees. Penguin, Mystery To Me and Heroes Are Hard To Find. This period of Fleetwood Mac covers from the very end of the Peter Green Era, through the Kirwan/Spencer Era and then up to the Bob Welch Era. (CD Japan)

Graham Nash/Linda Ronstadt – I felt that it was important to throw in some Rock autobiography news in for all of you as they may well contain some interesting insights and perspectives. One book will be from Graham Nash called Wild Tales from Crown Archetype and is due out on September 17th. On the very same day, Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir by Linda Ronstadt will be arriving from Simon & Schuster. (IMWAN, Amazon).

WildTales Nash

Keith Richards – Courtesy of the Rolling Stones fan site called IORR.org comes word that the filming for the Johnny Depp film on Keith Richards has been completed. (IORR.org).

Waddy Wachtel – Also via IORR.org, the Gary Simson documentary, Waddy Wachtel: King Of The Sidemen, is seeking funding so that it can be officially released. (IORR.org).

Mark KnopflerMark Knopfler has told reporters that his upcoming new album, Privateering, which is coming out on September 10, will be a double album. (KLIZ’s Classic Rock News).


–Steve Talia

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Talia’s Overflow Notes – 08/09/2013”
  1. Thanks again Steve.
    I get it that a lot of folks are quite excited about Humble Pie’s Fillmore release. When I checked the track listings for each CD they are nearly identical. So their set list hardly changed for all four performances. I wonder how often I would listen to it after the first time, and then which disc I would choose? Just ruminating.
    I hope the extra tracks on Benefit include the North American version released tracks.
    And the Japanese mini-LP versions are not remastered, so you are essentially ordering for the cover replicas.

  2. Just in case folks don’t know, Privateering was issued last year and is only now seeing a US release. And yes, it’s a double CD set.

  3. Hi Bob amp; Everybody,
    Peter Frampton has been saying that the performances of the songs have variation in them. He said he was really happy to be able to hear the versions of the songs done at the other shows that didn’t make it to the original album because you could tell that differences occurred from one show to the next.
    BTW, for any of you who are interested, I have put in an inquiry to the BBR label. They have an identical copy of Imagination from Gladys Knight amp; The Pips that’s coming out the same day as when Funkytown Groove’s version comes out. To be on the safe side, I asked them if BBR’s is a straight license job or if BBR’s was to be a different mastering. I am awaiting word from them. I’ll let you know the answer as soon as I hear from them.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Fleetwood Mac cds are remastered. They are just listed as reissued. We’ll see… Joe

  5. Yeah, it appears to be that way doesn’t it? I just wanted to put it up at my column for those people who needed absolutely everything.

  6. I wanted to let people know that the Humble Pie box set is now up for pre-order over at Amazon. And just so you all know, I am driving myself up a wall waiting for the announcement of the Led Zeppelin indivual album box sets. During a brief moment of sanity, I have come to the conclusion that word will come down about them right before Labor Day Weekend of just afterwards. After that, I’ll start getting a little worried that they’ll all be bumped to next year. I doubt the WB PR people and the Page camp are going to wait clear until Halloween for a 4th Quarter announcement.

  7. Hi People,
    BBR got back a hold of me and told me that their reissue of Gladys Kinight & The Pips-Imagination is completely their own version. They also told me that they are no way affiliated with Funkytown Grooves. It looks like these are two separate masterings to pick up. It’s just coincidental that they are coming out almost at the same time. This is weird. This is just like the recent two separate releases for Sly & The Family Stone-There’s A Riot Goin’ On.

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