AmericaI’ll make this short and sweet.  Our slick detective, Stephen Talia, has discovered that Steve Hoffman will begin to master the excellent 1971 debut from America.  Any one that remembers the moment they heard “Horse With No Name” play on the radio, will also remember just how engaging the folk-rock song was.  And still is.

“Horse With no Name” was followed by “I Need You”, another captivating song from a complete album.  This first album from Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell, and Gerry Beckley not only contained these two songs (some of you may have latched onto America’s debut before the inclusion of “Horse With No Name” as it was not originally on the first pressing. I myself hadn’t heard of America until “Horse With No Name”.).

Still, songs like “Sandman”, “Never Found The Time”, “Rainy Day”, “Children”, Riverside” were superb pieces in a large work.  America was followed by Homecoming (1972), and “Ventura Highway”.  Their star rose until they had a platter full of hits that pleased the radio crowd.

But enough of that.  I’m as pleased as Stephen Talia, who emailed me in an elated frenzy when he discovered this bit of news.  I am beyond pleased.  And for those among you who are SACD fans, I’m betting this will make your day too!

A release date will be forthcoming.  For now, just bask.

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “The 1971 Debut From America – SACD From Audio Fidelity.”
  1. Hi Matt amp; Everybody,
    AF told me today that they are shooting for an early October release. Given the usual industry delays, a late October release is more realistic in my eyes. I’ve been thinking about the announcement ever since I woke up this morning. I really hope they get the license to do more of their albums.

  2. I second greg’s motion! :) Hoffman did the Jethro Tull multichannel mixes (I think) that are supposed to be great. Still wishing they’d release the 5.1 of Aqualung for individual purchase so I could hear this finally…the full box set with the vinyl and other stuff is WAY more than I want and certainly WAY too expensive…but that’s another topic.

    Still, maybe if he’s involved with this project, we’ll get a 5.1 mix! I have the OOP DVD-Audio of Homecoming…picked that up the day it was first released…and it is quite good.

    To the powers-that-be: I will buy an 5.1 mix of this without hesitation (if offered as an individual purchase). I probably won’t buy a 2 channel release. FYI… :)

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