There are a few items that have surfaced that should be brought to your immediate attention.  Since they, for the most part, have been written up by sites far more in depth than TAP, I’ll just bring them to your attention, and then credit the places where these were first mentioned (or, at, least mentioned in greater detail).

The Hurting (1983) – Tears For Fears

This album was the band’s debut album, and while not garnering the same rapt attention that its followup did (Songs From The Big Chair – 1985), it performed extremely well, especially in the UK.

On August 1, one of our favorite sites, Super Deluxe Edition from the UK, gave exclusive details on the upcoming set, while another of our favorite sites, The Second Disc (a US site familiar to most of you), wrote up an in-depth look at the set on August 5.


The Hurting celebrates its 30th Anniversary by having Universal UK provide an expansive Deluxe Edition, scheduled for October 21 (very likely a US date will be provided soon enough).

The set will be reissued in a 2CD Deluxe Edition that will include a CD of 16 bonus tracks consisting of remixes, b-sides, and alternate versions.  There will also be a more expansive 4-disc set with an additional CD of previously unreleased live sessions, and a DVD of  their In My Mind’s Eye concert film (1984).


Vapor Trails (2002) – Rush

According to The Second Disc, on October 1, Atlantic and Rhino Records will release a remix of Vapor Trails from Rush in not only a single CD release but also a part of a larger set, the boxed Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007.  The larger set will contain mini-LP-styled CDs of Presto – 1989, Roll The Bones – 1991, Counterparts – 1993, Test For Echo – 1996, Vapor Trails – 2002 (REMIX), Feedback – 2004, and Snakes and Arrows – 2007.

Rush Vapor Trails Remixed

As many of you already know, the original mix of Vapor Trails had been met with a wail of fans due to a “muddied” mix.  This notice that the album would be remixed brings a wave of gladness to many Rush fans heart as they are looking forward to hearing it anew.

The boxed set will be released on the same date as the Vapor Trails remix. There will also be a 180g 2LP version of Vapor Trails Remixed released, same date.


Face The Music – Nils Lofgren

While I actually reported on this in my July 11, 2013 edition of TAPSheet, the furtherance of its understanding was aided by long-time friend, Matt Wardlaw (many thanks to him for gaining the deeper knowledge of what the title actually was).

It would appear that Face The Music, according to the official Nils Lofgren website, will be a massive retrospective Box that will represent the Lofgren recording years from Grin on through to the current time.  The 45-year retrospective Box is “shaping up to be a 10 disc project”.  Of those ten discs, seven of them will be “highlights of all released recordings from Grin through latest Old School release”.  Two of the CDs will contain a collection of “bonus tracks, downloads, great demos, and unreleased music through the years”.  The final disc will be a DVD “featuring live performances”.

Face The Music will be bolstered by a collection of memorabilia photos including ” great posters, tickets, records, paraphernalia”.  Dave Marsh is reported on working on the liner notes for the anticipated Nils Lofgren project.

We had reported that the set is slated for release on November 12 via Fantasy Records, Nils Lofgren‘s current label.


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  1. My question with the rush release is,other than vapor trails were the other cds remixed or remastered again? Because they were remastered a few years ago

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