Over at the Hoffman Forum, mastering engineer Steve Hoffman let the cat out of the bag that the next SACD Stereo hybrid project of Audio Fidelity will be the self-titled first album from Peter, Paul & Mary. He mentioned the fact that this particular project has been two years in the making.

Peter paul and mary

Gregg Allman has revealed to an interviewer that he plans on getting into the studio to cut his next album with producer T-Bone Burnett in tow in November. Allman stated that what sets this particular project apart from others is that he will be attempting to put out an album where he wrote all of the song himself and with no outside help in the songwriting department. This news was revealed at the Hoffman Board.


Anoushka Shankar Shankar has a new album coming out on the Deutsch Grammophon label called Traces Of You on October 22. The title track features Norah Jones, her half-sister, performing on the song.


For those of you who want to pick up the Grateful Dead package Sunshine Daydream-Veneta 8/27/72, you have something to consider. While this show is being offered to retail via the usual suspects like Amazon and CD Universe, etc., you might want to consider getting it from the official Grateful Dead online store over at GD.net. There will be a couple of things exclusive to their version of the release compared to regular retail outlets. The GD.net version will contain a 40 page booklet and special tie-dye packaging while the regular retail versions will not feature these two features. On top of it, the official store is also selling t-shirts, etc.,to tie in directly with the release.


Via a report from a Hoffman Forum reader, Carlos Santana has confirmed a report that he is gathering all of the surviving members of the first band of his who played on the first three albums for a new studio reunion project. Carlos told people that the first three Columbia Records albums were all based on African musical influences. He said this new one will mirror those influences once again.


–Steve Talia

By MARowe