Columbia Nashville in partnership with Legacy Recordings will release The Essential Tammy Wynette on August 20. This Essential title collection will contain 40 songs over two CDs.

Essential Tammy Wynette

Mercury Records have Rarities featuring Rod Stewart scheduled for September 3 in both CD and DD.

Warner Brothers Records have a new Cher album on the horizon, Closer To The Truth, planned for September 24.


Island Records will re-release Waiting For The Dawn (2013) by The Mowgli’s on vinyl LP (original album was issued on June 18), with a planned date of August 6.

Side One Dummy Records will be releasing Live At The Troubadour featuring The Horrible Crowes, on September 24.  The fourteen live performance tracks, recorded at the West Hollywood venue in 2011, will be released as CD/DVD, and 2LP/DVD (gatefold) physicals.  The DVD will feature 12 performance tracks from the show, as well as a pre-show interview.  The DVD will add in two music videos (“Behold The Hurricane”, “Lady Killer”).  The LP will throw in digital download rights to complete the LP set.


Roadrunner Records will release a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition of the upcoming self-titled Dream Theater album, including CD, 2LP (180g), and DD.  This is planned for September 24.

Atlantic Records will reissue Little Earthquakes, the 1992 Tori Amos album, on a planned 180g LP set, scheduled for September 17.

Friday Music will reissue Big Generator, the 1987 album from Yes, on a Limited Edition 180g gatefold LP set.  This is scheduled for September 10.

Real Gone Music will release the new upcoming Big Sandy And His Fli-Rite Boys album entitled What A Dream It’s Been.  The new album will feature twelve new songs from the Anaheim, CA based band.  It is scheduled for August 27 on both CD and LP.


No secret but worth mentioning is the upcoming new Pearl Jam album.  The new album, called Lightning Bolt, is scheduled for October 15 on both CD, and LP formats.

Is anyone interested in the series of Original Album Classics being spun out of the door by Sony?  These feature five albums in a boxed edition of five release issues, not necessarily the representative best. I have failed to mention them because, well…I’m just not sure you want to hear about them.  But there are quite a few coming that I thought I should ask, at least.  As an example, RCA and Legacy have five Jefferson Airplane albums (Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, Surrealistic Pillow, After Bathing At Baxter’s, Crown Of Creation, Bless Its Pointed Little Head) with bonus tracks, if applicable, and the most current remaster (not brand new) of each album.  There is also a Blue Oyster Cult box that includes On Your Feet Or On Your Knees, Some Enchanted Evening, Cultosaurus Erectus, Fire Of Unknown Origin, The Revolution By Night (a strange grouping if you ask me).  If you want to find out about them, let me know, and I’ll start posting them.  The wave of the above- mentioned sets are slated for August 27.


Warner Brothers have the self-titled album from The Wild Feathers arriving August 6, CD, DD, and LP.

Real Gone Music have Live In Central Park, NYC, May 12, 1975, a live album featuring Jefferson Starship on the calendar for September 3.  The free concert has never been released but that changes on September 3.  The 2CD set is newly mastered (Vic Anesini), liner notes (Richie Unterberger), photos from the event (Allan Tannenbaum).  There are sixteen tracks in all.


Classic Music Vault will release 2-disc Live At The Fillmore ’68 featuring It’s A Beautiful Day.  It is planned as a DualDisc (yes, that’s what it says, a DualDisc), and will release on August 6.


Red Telephone Box will release Where You Stand by Travis on August 20 in both CD and LP formats.

And finally, Kirtland Records will release the new The Polyphonic Spree (a band I thought I’d never like on hearing about them, and really liked on actually hearing) album.  The new album, Yes It’s True is on the calendar for August 6, CD and LP.

By MARowe

5 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 07/15/2013 (US Report)”
  1. Since you asked,,,,, If you hear about those five album re-issue packages why not mention it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t spend time seeking them out.
    I wonder who those sets are aimed at….
    Younger music fans who have none of the discs and might otherwise download illegally? Older fans that never replaced their original vinyl copies?

    I have found that, if I have any interest in the band, I usually already have two or three of the five titles so it makes more sense to just buy the two discs I don’t have.

    I wonder how these packages sell. They must cost next to nothing to package and market.

  2. Hey Matt,
    I’ve been noticing those Original Album Classic boxes at my local Wal-Mart. I agree, some of the pairings are a bit odd, but it is a cheap way to pick up some missing links. I replaced a few of my 8-track tapes thanks to the Earth Wind amp; Fire and Santana boxes. I already own most of the included discs on some other format, but had yet to acquire the CDs, and for under $20 a pop, I’m now set.

  3. Thanks Matt – I always like to hear about them. They are a buyer beware scenario however. The promos talk about “latest remastering”, but there usually is no information on the boxes about which remastering or by whom. They really are a great way to explore albums you may not have heard or haven’t picked up.

  4. WEA has been doing this for a while. Old masters I’m sure (but not necessarily a bad thing) and a way to clear out old stock. Some sets are quite inexpensive, some aren’t.
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