The Beatles: Paul McCartney has told Mojo Magazine that the upcoming At The BBC reissue will be a new mastering and not a straight reissue as was first reported. The question among Hoffman Forum readers still remains. Will the new remastering also come from better source materials or the very same ones used for the original set? I’m sure all of you can recall the huge wave the now ancient 9-CD box set from the Great Dane label made quite a few years back.

Jethro Tull: Some word has, apparently, surfaced that the Benefit album will be re-mixed and will include a second disc of a few bonus tracks. It is still possible that it is going to come out in the 4th Quarter of this year. A Passion Play is now slated for 2014. This news originated from the Hoffman Forum.

Tull A Passion Play

The Grateful Dead: For those of you who haven’t heard the news already, the latest installment of the Dave’s Picks series has been announced through their e-mails. Volume 7 will be the April 24, 1978 show from the Horton Fieldhouse at Illinois State in Normal, Illinois. I chuckled when I read this news. Normal and Grateful Dead?

Sly & The Family Stone: People, you are not going to believe this. There is yet another version of the There’s A Riot Goin’ On album that is being offered up at the end of the month. This one is from a company called Get On Down Records and will be presented as a Gold disc. What is different about this particular release is that it is being packed in a very unique way. The highlight of the packaging itself will be the cloth reproduction of the flag that made up the original album cover. This news came by way of the Hoffman Forum.


Emerson, Lake & Palmer: The latest news coming out of the ELP camp is that things are now being reversed.The Trilogy album Deluxe Edition which was slated to come out next has been bumped to early 2014 while the Deluxe Edition of Brain Salad Surgery is now slated for this Fall.This news originated from a Twitter from Jakko. He will be working on the reissues. The Twitter feed was relayed via the Hoffman Forum.


The Band: Rock Of Ages: Deluxe Edition (or Live At The Academy-whichever title you wish to reference it as) will include an expanded version of the show, 2 CDs of rehearsals and a DVD. And don’t forget, people. This set is also re-mixed. If you are someone who likes different mixes, you will want to keep your old 2-CD Deluxe Edition and get this new one at the same time. This news was reported on by a sharp-eyed person at the Hoffman Board who saw this mentioned at the Facebook page of The Band.

Odds & Sods Wonderings: There are a few things that may still be on the radar as us collectors start immersing themselves more into the 4th Quarter pre-order season. We’ll have to see if either one of the two planned Bob Dylan Bootleg Series titles do manage to squeak their way out in the 4th Quarter or not. I can still recall a few years back when a lot of Dylan fans braced themselves for a possible massive Complete Blonde On Blonde Sessions box. I still hope it happens someday.

Though it was only reported on as a rumor (I think at IMWAN), there was word that fans of Miles Davis at a board of his were throwing about a rumor that the next bootleg series set was going to possibly be from 1964.

Oh yes. I would be completely remiss if I didn’t throw in my lot by making my usual plea that I wish The Rolling Stones would release the Brussels Affair ’73 official vault show as an affordable 2-CD reissue along the lines of a standard Deluxe Edition. I’d like to see them do this for the L.A. ’75 show too.

 — Steven Talia

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  1. Keep up the good work Steven!
    I am quite excited about Benefit, my personal favourite Tull album. When it first came out remastered, I was shocked that the UK version was different than the North American one – never knew that. At the time of the original release, no one I knew, both in retail and customers, were even clamouring for the import LP. I actually prefer the tracks and track order on the NA release, and still program my player to play the album that way. It would be a wish of mine to have the NA version be presented as part of the bonus disc. Just saying.

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